We make it easy to support your employees around grief

Did you know that nearly 50% of Americans are grieving a recent death? Grieving people are at increased risk for anxiety, depression, illness, substance use, sleep issues, lost work and workplace accidents. As an employer, that’s alarming, right?

But there is good news too. Employers (you) have a unique opportunity to ensure that people are supported after someone close to them dies. Supporting grieving employees is an impactful way to keep your team healthy and productive, and to build a caring workplace culture too.

We can help. Help Texts for Grief are an easy way to deliver expert support that WORKS. Text support really is a powerful way to get employees the support they need.

How do we know? We’ve gathered an astounding amount of data, feedback and anecdotal evidence over the last four years to prove it.

It’s easy for you as an employer because there’s nothing to integrate, install or download. Our support is delivered twice weekly, directly into your employees hands through text, for a year or more. No smart phone required.

Another great feature is that every Help Texts subscription includes year-long tips and reminders for friends, family, colleagues and managers who want to help, but may not be sure how. We know that it can be hard to know what to say when a colleague returns to work after a death. Our texts for supporters provide concrete, expert suggestions to make it a little easier.

Don’t worry—it’s all private. The employee owns their account information, including what they say about the death they’ve experienced. You, as the employer, do not have access to their information. This is key for employee adoption!

We think you’ll agree—there’s no better time to ensure your employee benefit toolkit is as robust as it can be.


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