Six pain points grievers have after a death... and how HelpTexts (Grief Coach) texts can help

Recently, Grief Coach founder Emma Payne and Head of Bereavement Melissa Lunardini sat down with UK psychotherapist Liz Gleeson on her podcast, Shapes of Grief, to talk about Grief Coach texts. Throughout their conversation, they touched upon six pain points grieving people have and the unique ways Grief Coach texts offer support:

Pain Point #1: I feel all alone; everyone else in my life has moved on without me.

Tell us a little bit about your loss including your important days and Grief Coach texts will support you with gentle tips throughout the year. Liz, recounting how many of her clients have felt alone after a death said, "If someone has written this text, that means at least one other person has felt that. Therefore it's not just me. I'm not alone in this."

Pain Point #2: My friends and family want to help me, but they don't know how.

"The impact of some badly put-together words or silence can be really painful for somebody who's already super vulnerable," said Liz. And we wholeheartedly agree! That's why we designed Grief Coach texts to provide educational tips and reminders to grievers' friends and family. This allows grievers to do the hard work of grieving and Grief Coach texts to do the the work of educating supporters. Emma said, "Why not send texts to people after someone's died? Not just to the person who's grieving but to their friends and family who want to help but just don't know how." Liz reiterated, "People genuinely don't know what to say or do or for whatever reason don't have the capacity to face somebody else's loss. But it's rarely out of malice." Grief Coach texts help supporters impact match their intention.

Pain Point #3: Every therapist or support group in my area has a waitlist.

It takes just five minutes to sign up for Grief Coach texts. There's no waitlist and texts begin right away. Once you subscribe, we'll send expert-written grief support right to your phone. Our experts are therapists, authors, Hospice nurses, researchers, end-of-life professionals and more.

Pain Point #4: My grief has many layers.

Grief Coach offers text messages for all kinds of relationships (parent, child, partner, colleague, patient, and many more). We also have special texts for caregivers, parents of children under 21, and people grieving a complicated relationship. With texts written by and created for BIPOC folks, immigrants, disabled people, and LGBTQ+ grievers, we have the ability to send you texts to specific your unique loss.

Pain Point #5: I'm too overwhelmed to read a book or listen to a whole podcast.

Many people recommend books and podcasts to grievers, but downloading that amount of information after a death can feel overwhelming. Liz said, "[Grief Coach texts are] a lifeline in the form of a text, which is readable when it's just a paragraph." Texts are small, digestible, and available when you want to read them. It's bite-sized wisdom at a time your brain could really use it.

Pain Point #6: I need help finding resources for my unique loss.

While everyone grieves, every griever's story is unique. Liz echoed: "What's true for me and my experience could be totally different for another person. We need to understand that there's a whole spectrum of possible responses to grief." Grief Coach matches expert texts and resources that best fit your unique grief experience. Emma said, "We're talking about small bits of wisdom, from lots of different experts delivered every single week for the whole year. You get all this wisdom from different people."


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