Our team lives at the intersection of technology and mental health.

We're on a mission to make expert text support accessible for all.

Emma Payne, MSc

Founder & CEO

Emma Payne is a seasoned technology entrepreneur, MIT graduate, and award-winning change-agent, who started building online communities before Netscape was born. Her 25 year career leading online and mobile projects has included building tools to register young people to vote, creating online networks of support for families facing health challenges, and launching North America’s first online crisis intervention line. She also founded a scrappy, action-oriented, national non-profit focused on women & technology, that broke boundaries and developed leaders for 17 years.

Help Texts combines Emma's passion for mobile technology and engagement, with her deep commitment to making sure everyone gets the support they need, when life gets hard. Founded in 2018, Help Texts was the first in the world to publish data on grief-informed texting and is now delivering support in 44 countries and 24 languages.

Adrian Jones
Adrian Jones, PhD
Melissa Lunardini
Melissa Lunardini, PhD, MBA, FT
Chief Clinical Officer
Vanessa Callison-Burch
Vanessa Callison-Burch
Head of Product
Rah Adams
Rah Adams, CT
Client & Subscriber Support Lead
Sarah Khatau
Sarah Khatau
Sales Operations Lead