• What is Help Texts?

    Help Texts is a one-way, text-based grief and mental health support service. We deliver texts twice a week, for a full year, personalized based on your situation. Help Texts is an easy way to get expert, safe, non-judgmental support, straight to your phone.

  • How much do Help Texts messages cost?

    A full year of Help Texts for you and up to two others, is just $99.00. That's less than the cost of a single therapy session! If you're an organization looking to provide Help Texts as a service, contact us to learn more about discounted packages.

  • How long does a Help Texts subscription last?

    Help Texts subscriptions last for twelve months. When you reach the end of your subscription, you'll receive a text asking whether you would like to renew for another year.

  • Where are Help Texts messages available?

    We deliver text messages to people all around the world and currently have subscribers in 26 countries. As long as you have a mobile phone that can receive SMS messages, you can sign up for Help Texts. There's nothing to download. Getting support from Help Texts is literally as easy as getting a text!

  • Can Help Texts send text messages in different languages?

    Yes! Help Texts currently sends messages in 19 languages: English (US), English (UK), Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Italian, Korean, Persian, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Yiddish, with more languages coming soon.

    Please know that at this time, we use Google Translate to provide Help Texts translations from English to other languages.

  • Can I use Help Texts to provide text support through my organization?

    Absolutely! Help Texts is proud to partner with all kinds of organizations to offer easy, expert mental health and grief support via text. Find out more on our organizations page.

  • Does Help Texts keep my data secure?

    Absolutely. Your personal data is not sold or shared with anyone, and is very secure. View our Privacy Notice here.

  • What kinds of text messages can I expect from Help Texts?

    You'll receive texts at least twice a week and on important dates such as birthdays and holidays.

    Help Texts messages are comforting, validating, practical, educational, and non-religious, featuring a wide variety of expert wisdom and resources tailored to your unique situation. You can view examples of Help Texts messages on our social media pages.

  • Will I ever receive the same message twice?

    Every Help Texts message you'll receive is different, with the exception of administrative messages such as signup texts, renewal texts, and auto-response texts from our subscriber support team. No two Help Texts subscribers will receive the same texts in the same order. Your messages are customized to your unique experience and the details you choose to share with us when signing up for Help Texts.

  • Do I have to answer every question on the signup form?

    No. If you'd prefer not to answer every question on the signup form, you'll still receive supportive texts with expert wisdom and resources. Know that the fewer answers you provide, the more general your messages will be. The more answers you provide, the more specific your messages will be. And as always, your personal data is not sold or shared with anyone, and is very secure. View our Privacy Notice here.

  • Is Help Texts a way for me to get counseling or therapy?

    No, Help Texts messages are not a substitute for counseling or therapy. While we do send texts inspired by and derived from therapeutic techniques, Help Texts cannot replicate the experience of live, personalized support you receive from a therapist. If you have the option to do so, we encourage you to work one-on-one with a therapist, while also receiving our Help Texts messages.

  • Can I reply to Help Texts?

    Help Texts is a one-way text messaging service designed to offer you resources, validation, and practical tools to help you navigate life's challenges. While it isn't designed to be a two-way counseling service, we do have a subscriber support team that reviews all incoming text messages and will respond if you have a question, need help with your profile, or would like additional resources.

  • Are Help Texts messages written by a real person?

    Yes! Each Help Texts message is written by a real person—or in most cases, multiple people. Help Texts messages are inspired by expert tips and resources, proven therapeutic tools, and sometimes, our team's personal experiences with mental health and grief. At Help Texts we know that no AI or robot can truly capture the human experiences of grief, burnout, and heartache. That's why we personally write, review, and publish every single one of our Help Texts messages.

  • Who are your experts?

    Help Texts is grateful to collaborate with an incredible group of mental health and grief expert contributors who use their wisdom and experience to help us craft text messages based on their particular areas of specialization.

  • Is it true that you'll send texts to my friends and family as part of my single subscription?

    Yes, that's right. Research shows that receiving support from others helps people feel less alone during life's challenges, so each Help Texts subscription includes the option to add two supporters to also receive Help Texts messages. We'll send you expert tips and resources for coping with your unique situation and gently educate your supporters on how to be there for you.

  • Who should I add as my supporters?

    You can invite anyone you like to be your supporter, but we usually recommend friends or family members who have shown or said they would like to be there for you. Supporter messages focus on supporting you, so it's best if they have expressed an interest in helping you cope with your unique situation. For example for grief, this might be someone who is close to you but is not grieving the deceased person as deeply.

  • What's the best way to invite supporters to be part of my Help Texts subscription? I'd love to have their support, but I feel awkward asking for their help.

    Asking people to support you can be hard, so here's a script to get you started:

    "Hi, [supporter]. I recently signed up for a service called Help Texts that texts me personalized support, and I'm finding the messages comforting and useful. I can include two people who want to support me as a part of my subscription. Would you be willing to receive texts with tips and reminders about how to support me? I know many people find it hard to know what to say and do, so maybe Help Texts will be helpful for both of us. Let me know if I can add you. I can send you a link to sign up, or you can scan a QR code with your phone. I'd be so grateful for your support."

  • How does a Help Texts gift subscription work?

    Help Texts subscriptions have been called the gift that keeps on giving! Unlike casseroles that get eaten and flowers that wither, your gift provides mental health and grief support to your friend or family member for a full year.

    After you purchase a gift subscription, your recipient receives an email inviting them to accept your gift and sign up for Help Texts. Their Help Texts subscription begins when they complete their welcome questionnaire, so they have the freedom to sign up when they're ready.

    Your recipient will receive expert text messages each week as well as on key dates. Texts will be selected for them based on the information they choose to share during signup.

    Your recipient can choose to end their subscription at the end of the year or renew their subscription out-of-pocket without interruption.

  • Can I stop my Help Texts subscription if I don't want to receive messages anymore?

    Yes. You can text STOP at any time if you'd like to stop receiving Help Texts messages. Text START when you're ready to resume messages.

  • Who created Help Texts?

    Help Texts was conceived and created by Emma Payne, in collaboration with a growing team of people who dream of a world where everyone has easy, affordable access to mental health and grief support when they need it. Between them, the Help Texts team has decades of experience building technological solutions to life's hardest struggles.

  • What kinds of losses does Help Texts support?

    We currently offer text support for the following causes of death:

    • Accident
    • Alzheimer's/Dementia
    • Cancer
    • Cardiovascular Disease
    • COVID-19
    • Drug & Alcohol Related Death
    • Homicide
    • Natural Causes
    • Other Illness
    • Stillbirth
    • Stroke
    • Sudden Infant/Child Death
    • Suicide
    • Termination of a Pregnancy for Medical Reasons