From Grief to Recovery: A New Digital Tool in the Tool Kit (Conference Presentation)

Payne, E

Sharp Conversations Presents
14 September 2022

So many of us don't know how to support someone who has lost a friend. Emma Payne has been developing mobile technology her entire career, and decided to start Grief Coach. You can learn more about her work at Shereese Maynard, MS MBA is an expert in policy strategy and serial entrepreneur. Payne was asked to speak at a funeral, in front of people she hadn't seen in years. She hadn't seen them since her husband died by suicide, and she had wondered why for ten years. The entire visit, people said that when her husband died, they had no idea what they should say. She realized that the waiting without saying anything was a mistake. Payne had years of technology development experience, and started Grief Coach. Grief Coach is available worldwide, and thanks to a partnership with Sue Ryder, free in the UK.