Supporting a friend after a stillbirth

A few months ago a young woman purchased a Grief Coach subscription when her baby was stillborn. She was devastated about the loss of her son, but was also struggling with feelings of isolation. Her best friend had flown across the country to help with the new baby, but when she found herself dealing with a death instead of a birth, she left, claiming: “I don’t know how to be with you when you’re like this.”

This courageous Mom started getting text messages right away to help with her grief. She also added her friend to the subscription so that she could also get tips and suggestions for how to help. Just a few days later, the friend reached out to us saying, “thank you for understanding this is hard for me too. I want to help, but don’t know how.” Since then the friend has been receiving our text messages each week. With just a little support, she feels more confident and better equipped to support her friend through the tragedy of her stillbirth. To me this was a profound shift. Instead of running away, a good friend was able to stay present during a very painful time. She educated herself, she listened and she learned.

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