National Public Health Week is an opportunity to recognize bereavement care as healthcare

April 3-9 is National Public Health Week, and an opportunity to recognize that bereavement care is healthcare. When we're grieving we're at increased risk for negative health outcomes such as depression, anxiety, sleep issues, illness, suicidal ideation and behaviors, and more. But when we receive even a small amount of support and understanding, many of us can avoid those negative outcomes. Here at Help Texts we are honored to be working with leading researchers around the world who recognize that grief-informed text support is an effective public health intervention. Texting expert, ongoing grief to support people after the death of a loved one, is an easy and affordable way to keep people healthy, at exactly the time when they are vulnerable.

The White House Proclamation on National Public Health Week 2023 is a reminder that we truly are all in this together. This reminder to invest in communities and education comes at a critical time, with over 9 million Americans grieving COVID19 alone.

As National Public Health Week comes to an end, we're proud to be working with the researchers, policy makers, employers, healthcare providers and innovators who recognize bereavement care as healthcare and are committed to delivering the care people need in order to stay healthy after the death of a loved one.

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