My surprise encounter with a Grief Coach subscriber: Best birthday gift EVER

I spent my birthday at EndWell in 2018 and again last year. In 2018 I was there to learn, listen and make connections as I prepared to launch Grief Coach. When I returned in December I was proud to have a global platform that was delivering text-based, personalized grief support to subscribers in 6 countries.

My birthday selfie with Sarah, a new Grief Coach subscriber.

At the first snack break in 2019, as I went to get myself a birthday cup of tea, a woman came to introduce herself. She let me know she purchased a Grief Coach subscription that June (just months after we went live), and that our text messages had been helping her to process and heal after losing her mom last year. I nearly burst! As wonderful as it is to see new subscribers signing up online, there's nothing like a face-to-face encounter. Sarah let me know that she especially appreciates the texts we send to the friends and colleagues she added to her account. Every week since June, those friends have been receiving tips and suggestions about how they could support Sarah, which helps her feel less alone. The "friends & family" feature is my favorite thing about Grief Coach, so it made my heart happy to know this had been working well for Sarah and her friends.

Before she flew back to DC, and I left for Seattle, Sarah agreed to record a short video testimonial for me, which made me so grateful. When I got to the airport and saw that my flight had been canceled, and that I'd be spending more of my birthday traveling than I'd planned, I didn't care. Because I knew I'd spent the day exactly where I needed to.

If you have a friend like Sarah, who is grieving and could use a little extra support, consider buying a Grief Coach subscription as a sympathy gift that will last all year long - a lot longer than flowers and casseroles! And of course you can always pick up a subscription for yourself, as Sarah did, to get the support you need.

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