Grief Coach welcomes new affiliate, The Grateful Death

Crystal Cannon Flores is an end-of-life doula who chose to pursue death care after being a caregiver for both of her parents. As the founder of The Grateful Death, she helps dying people transition on their own terms and assists their friends and family with everything from planning a celebration of life to filling out paperwork. In partnering with caregivers and others surrounding the dying person, she works to ensure that they can be providers of love rather than providers of tasks, shifting their focus from "doing for" a dying person to "being with."

On offering Grief Coach texts to her clients, Crystal says:

I confidently and wholeheartedly recommend Grief Coach to my clients because grieving is complicated and unique for each individual. Grief Coach teaches us how to support each other, how to speak to the grieving person, how to honor the departed and how to normalize the process—what a gift!

Clients of The Grateful Death can now receive a discount on Grief Coach subscriptions, giving them immediate access to personalized, year-long texts for grievers and tips and date reminders for their supporters too. You can use Crystal's discount to sign up for a Grief Coach subscription for yourself, or as a sympathy gift for someone you know who’s grieving the death of a loved one.

Want to join our fast-growing team of affiliates? Reach out to Affiliate Manager, Shelby Forsythia to learn more.

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