Grief Coach welcomes new affiliate, Dr. Karen Wyatt, creator of End-of-Life University

Grief Coach is delighted to announce our newest affiliate partner, Karen M. Wyatt, M.D., physician, author, spiritual teacher, and creator of End-of-Life University.

Dr. Karen Wyatt is a family physician who spent her 25-year medical career working with patients in challenging settings, such as hospices, nursing homes, and indigent clinics. She has twice testified at Senate briefings on the cutting edge model of integrated medical care, combining physical and behavioral health, which she helped create and implement in her clinic for people who are uninsured. In addition to working in the medical space, Dr. Wyatt is a writer. She's the author of several books including 7 Lessons for Living from the Dying, a collection of healing, transformative stories from hospice patients in her care. Her current ongoing endeavor, End-of-Life University, is an educational and informational hub for all things death and dying. Dr. Wyatt's goal is to provide multiple entry points to learning more about end-of-life for everyone from laypeople to healthcare professionals through podcasts, articles, interviews, and videos.

Dr. Wyatt is looking forward to sharing Grief Coach with people, especially those supporting grievers. She says:

"I value the fact that Grief Coach allows each person grieving to name supporters who will also receive text messages. Many times I see friends and loved ones who have the best intentions of offering ongoing support to the griever, but day-to-day life gets in the way and they simply don't remember important anniversaries and occasions. A text reminder from Grief Coach can help them stay in touch with their loved one throughout the year and teach them how to reach out when their presence is needed the most. Grief Coach helps grieving people create a reliable support circle that will be there for them on the most difficult days."

Patients, readers, and listeners of Dr. Karen Wyatt can now receive a discount on Grief Coach subscriptions, giving them immediate access to personalized, year-long texts for grievers and tips and date reminders for their supporters too. You can use the End-of-Life University discount to sign up for a Grief Coach subscription for yourself, or as a sympathy gift for someone you know who’s grieving the death of a loved one.

Want to join our fast-growing team of affiliates? Reach out to Affiliate Manager, Shelby Forsythia to learn more.

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