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DEE DEE JACKSON FOUNDATION  The Power of Love  1 June 2022 END OF LIFE UNIVERSITY  Grief Coach: How Text-Based Support Can Help with Grief  4 April 2022 SPECTRUM NEWS 1  Texting program provides grief support  17 April 2023 TODAY  Bobbie Thomas' emotional essay after her husband's death: 'I feel deeply alone'  23 June 2021 WIDOWED PARENT PODCAST  Emma's Interview with Jenny Lisk  17 November 2020

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BECOMING YOUR BEST VERSION PODCAST  A Conversation with Grief Coach, Emma Payne  2 December 2022 BEST LIFE BEST DEATH PODCAST  Help Texts: Expert Support in Hard Times - Emma Payne, Founder and Barbara Karnes, RN and Educator  11 April 2023 BURY ME IN NEW JERSEY  Lay Lady Lay  14 September 2021 CONNECTIONS RADIO (UK)  Free Grief Support in the UK, from Help Texts and Sue Ryder  16 November 2022 CONNECTIONS RADIO (UK)  The Business of Grief & Loss  8 September 2022 COST OF CARING PODCAST  Exploring Anticipatory Grief as a Caregiver  14 April 2023 FADING MEMORIES  Caregiver Connections: Exploring The Impact of Personalized Text Messages  18 July 2023 FILLED WITH GOLD  Filled With Gold Widow Podcast  11 November 2021 GRADUATING GRIEF  Grief Support is Just a Text Away  11 October 2022 GRIEF AND HAPPINESS PODCAST WITH EMILY THIROUX THREATT  Building a Service of Personalized Grief Support with Emma Payne  2 August 2022 GRIEF DIALOGUES  Out Of Grief Comes Art  5 October 2022 GRIEF, GRATITUDE AND THE GRAY IN BETWEEN  Staying In The Moment - With Emma Payne  23 January 2022 HOW TO DEAL WITH GRIEF AND TRAUMA  Dealing with Suicide Partner Loss Led to the Development of Help Texts  23 October 2023 MARKETPLACE  We’re still grieving the economy we’ve lost, whether we realize it or not  29 December 2021 NEXT PODCAST  Grieving Out Loud with Emma Payne  23 December 2021 ONE LAST NETWORK  The Art of Checking Your Phone  23 September 2023 PERMISSION TO THRIVE WITH SUSAN MILLER  Help Texts after Loss  28 February 2023 SHAPES OF GRIEF  Grief Coach: a texting service for bereaved people  7 September 2022 THE DISHING DOULAS PODCAST  The Many Faces of Grief Support – How Help Texts Makes A Difference  29 March 2024 THE GLAM REAPER  Mobile Technology for People Who Are Grieving  9 June 2022 THE GRIEF COACH PODCAST  Meeting People Where They Are (Their Phones)  3 March 2022 THE HEART OF HOSPICE PODCAST  Help Texts Offers Expert Grief Support With Text Messages  15 March 2024 THE MOURNING MEETING  Sarah Khatau and Emma Payne | How Grief Coach Helped After My Dad Died  8 February 2022 THE PROBATE PODCAST  Help Texts: The simple, affordable way to give and receive expert grief support  30 August 2023 THE WEEKLY SEATTLE  Week of June 3 with Andrea Anderson  3 June 2024 VANCOUVER CO-OP RADIO  Talking Aging  5 November 2022

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AUTHORITY MAGAZINE  Emma Payne of Help Texts: I Lost a Loved One to Suicide and Here is What You Should Know  10 January 2023 BC BUSINESS  Grief care platform Help Texts spreads its message with a new subsidiary in Vancouver  29 January 2023 BRAIN & LIFE  How Caregivers Deal with Anticipatory Grief  8 August 2023 DIGITAL JOURNAL  Text surveys deliver strong satisfaction scores and response rates for hospices  17 September 2021 EHOSPICE  Hospice of the Western Reserve Becomes First Hospice in the U.S. to Partner with Grief Coach  10 July 2020 ELEMENTAL  How to Help Grieving Loved Ones in a Pandemic  8 September 2020 EMPLOYEE BENEFIT NEWS (EBN)  Cover Story: Managing Compassionately During Coronavirus  12 May 2020 EMPLOYEE BENEFIT NEWS (EBN)  The burden of bereavement: Grief is the latest challenge for employers in the coronavirus era  26 April 2020 GEEKWIRE  How a funeral, a pub night and a flight led an entrepreneur to launch a mental health text service  27 May 2024 GIVE INKIND  6 Text Messages You Can Send Right Now That Will Feel (Almost) Like a Hug  16 April 2020 GLAM  Ways To Be There For Your Partner After They Lose A Parent  17 November 2022 GOOD MEN PROJECT  Emma's article for The Good Men Project: The Conversations No-One Else is Having  17 January 2020 HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY TODAY  As Wait Times for Mental Health Services Grow, Text Message Program Expands to Provide Immediate Grief Support  6 July 2021 HEALTHITNEWS  Help Texts launches text-based support for healthcare workers  13 January 2023 HIGH TECH DECK  Healthcare providers overwhelmed by pandemic losses can now get support via text  27 June 2021 HOSPICE NEWS  Grief Coach Rebrands to Help Texts, Launches Health Care Worker Support Service  9 January 2023 HOSPICE NEWS  The Rise of Tech-Enabled Grief Care  24 June 2022 HPCO (HOSPICE PALLIATIVE CARE ONTARIO)  Grief Coach, a Text-Based Grief Support Intervention: Acceptability Among Hospice Family Members  15 March 2023 LANTERN  Reaching Out When You're Stuck Inside: How To Support Grieving Friends, Even in Isolation  21 April 2020 LANTERN  Suddenly Grief is Everywhere. But Support Groups and Hugs Have Vanished.  10 April 2020 LUMINESCENCE  Turning the Tables on Grief — How the humble Text can Lower Healthcare Costs and Save Lives  17 January 2024 MARKETER'S MEDIA  Grief Coach's Personalized Text Support Now Available In Spanish  21 June 2021 MIT SLOAN REVIEW  The Consequences of Unacknowledged Grief in the Workplace  17 March 2023 MSN  How a funeral, a pub night and a flight led an entrepreneur to launch a mental health text service  31 May 2024 NBC NEWS  Grieving is hard, but new text service means you don't have to do it alone  27 April 2020 PSYCH CENTRAL  Refuge in Grief: Exploring What It Means to Grieve  2 September 2021 SHEKNOWS  How to Talk to Your Kids About Suicide  16 December 2022 STREETINSIDER  Empathia, Inc. Announces New Partnership With Help Texts  29 November 2022 TALK DEATH  Accessibility and Privilege in Grief Support  29 August 2020 TALK DEATH  How to Offer Care and Support After Suicide Loss  1 October 2020 THE DEATH DECK  Making Difficult Conversations Easier: Text messages and card games that help us talk about death.  25 January 2020 THE NEW YORK TIMES  The year grandparents lost: the enforced separations of the pandemic have brought a particular kind of mourning to many grandparents  11 March 2021 THE WASHINGTON POST  The logistics of death can be overwhelming. New apps can offer help.  4 September 2022 THE ZOE REPORT  Here’s The Best Way To Support A Grieving Partner  25 June 2022 THRIVE GLOBAL  Breathing New Life Into Death: 5 Tech Companies From Female Founders Making Sure No One Grieves Alone  16 January 2020 UPJOURNEY  What to Say and What Not to Say to Someone Who Is Grieving  14 October 2020 UPJOURNEY  What To Say to Someone Going To a Funeral  21 July 2021