Cole Imperi

Cole Imperi, CT

Thanatologist & Author

Cole Imperi, a triple-certified thanatologist, author, and founder of the School of American Thanatology, stands as a leading authority on death, dying, and grief in the United States. With a diverse background that includes roles as a chaplain-thanatologist, mortuary college professor, crematory operator, hospice volunteer, and grief support group leader, Cole's expertise spans the spectrum of end-of-life care and bereavement.

As a pioneer in the fields of Thanabotany™ and Deathwork™, she has significantly shaped the conversation around death and loss. Cole's influence extends globally, with students from 29 countries participating in the School of American Thanatology. Beyond her hands-on experience, she co-founded a deathcare startup, served as Board President of a historic cemetery and arboretum, and offers invaluable insights through her consulting firm, Doth. With two forthcoming books, "A Guide to Grief" (Kids Can Press, 2024) and "Lilac Days" (Penguin, 2025), Cole continues to enrich the dialogue on death and loss while empowering individuals to explore their relationships with these profound aspects of life.