Carla Sofka

Carla Sofka, MSW, Ph.D.

Professor of Social work

Dr. Carla Sofka is a distinguished educator and researcher at Siena College with a focus on social work, death and dying, and mental health. With her Ph.D. in Social Work and over two decades of teaching experience, she coined the term "thanatechnology" and leads groundbreaking research on its application. Professor Sofka explores how the dying use technology to document end-of-life experiences, contributing to the Digital Afterlife. Her influential role extends to international platforms, where she actively shapes global discourse as a member of the International Work Group on Death, Dying, and Bereavement. With a commitment to public death education, she addresses the importance of digital estate planning, "netiquette," and the evolving role of technology in society.

In her pursuit of knowledge and advocacy, Professor Sofka stands at the forefront of reshaping how society views and engages with death, technology, and grief. With a rich academic background and a commitment to global dialogue, she is a thought leader influencing the future of social work and end-of-life care.