For Employers

By providing bereavement benefits and a caring environment, you can play a key role in making sure your employees get the support they need after a death.

Supporting grieving employees will pay dividends for your company too.

Returning to work after someone you love has died can seem impossibly hard, but for most people, it’s a necessary part of the journey. Help Texts can help. We send personalized text messages to grieving employees, as well as to the friends and colleagues who want to support them. Providing bereavement support for employees helps companies:

  1. Mitigate a share of over $100 billion in hidden direct and indirect costs of grief to annual revenue in America

  2. Eliminate many avoidable workplace accidents and injuries

  3. Demonstrate your commitment to your employees

  4. Increase all employee morale and welfare across the organization

  5. Increase attractiveness of the company to employment candidates


  • The text messages I receive make me feel as if someone I trust—someone who has gone through this themselves—is speaking directly to me. It’s not generic. The messages are personal and thoughtful; they help me to process my grief and keep my Dad in my heart.

    Candice Smith, Help Texts subscriber

    Candice Smith, Help Texts subscriber
  • Help Texts has helped my husband be more aware of what I might be feeling, and understand why things are affecting me. The messages are helping me, and also helping him to be patient and understand that grief is a long process.

    Rachel, Help Texts subscriber

    Rachel, Help Texts subscriber

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