Specialized grief support now available for family caregivers

I'm so proud to announce the launch of our new grief support text series for caregivers. Grief Coach worked hand-in-hand with Lucinda Koza of I-ALLY to create texts specifically for millennial caregivers who make up over one third of multigenerational family caregivers in the US. This was a priority product expansion for 2021, because we know that caregivers need and deserve specialized grief support. After months and years of caring for their loved ones, they are often left to grieve alone. Lucinda and I wanted to change this.

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Grief Coach already has specialized channels for teenagers, young widows & widowers, people grieving COVID deaths, and many others, but until now we haven't had a text series that focuses on the unique grief journey of caregivers. Meeting and working with Lucinda made it clear how urgently this support is needed. She knows first hand how hard it can be to be a millennial caregiver and put it so eloquently when she said, "caregivers of all ages lose so much when their person gets sick. They lose freedom and hope, as well as friendships and activities. Then when their parent or grandparent dies, they’re left alone with their grief. Our new text channel sends lots of support to those caregivers, when they need it most.”

In addition to working with Lucinda, we gained lots of inspiration for our caregiver channel from our work with Alexandra Drane and ARCHANGELS. The work they're doing to support caregivers is thoughtful, intentional and game-changing, and it was an honor to run a pilot with them this Spring, delivering grief support for caregivers.

Together with I-ALLY, the. Grief Coach content team worked hard to create messages that speak to the unique journey of caregivers who often experience financial pressure, strained relationships and feelings of guilt, in addition to their grief.

For example, a grieving caregiver can receive a text like this one:

Hi, Dahlia. If you find yourself struggling to prioritize your own self-care, remember that you are just as important and worthy of care as Robert was while you cared for him. Caring for yourself may feel like an indulgence, but self-care is critical for all grievers, and an important part of your healing journey. You've been through a lot.

A friend supporting that grieving caregiver can receive a text like this one:

Hi, Betty. While Mandy was caring for Mike she may also have been grieving the life she had before, and the future she imagined they would have together. At the same time she probably found surprising moments of laughter or peace. Remind her that the same can be true now. She can grieve Mike but still be surprised by moments of laughter or peace.

Grief Coach has always been about providing practical, thoughtful, digestible grief support to as many people as possible. Our new caregiver series is yet another way we can do that.

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