No-one makes me smile when they talk about death, the way Zeena makes me smile

Zeena Regis is a Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator in Georgia. She is perspective personified. She's also funny, and wise. Really wise.

Zeena was one of the very first Bereavement Managers I met last year, as I was putting finishing touches on the Grief Coach platform and getting ready to launch. We found each other online (LinkedIn I think it was) and then jumped onto a video chat, and the next thing I knew I had a new advocate and friend. So I had already benefited from Zeena's perspective by the time she appeared on Jennifer Michelle's Leading With Health podcast last week, but listening to the interview gave me an even greater sense of what Zeena is all about.

Photos of Zeena RegisThe podcast also gave me a lovely perspective on why it might be that we so often hear about someone dying, in exactly the 5 minutes when their loved ones have left the room. Zeena thinks maybe it's a bit like the experience we've all had, when it's late and it's time to leave the party, but everyone is having so much fun and we really don't want to go home. It's hard to leave a room full of people you love. So maybe that's how it feels for some people when they're dying as well. Maybe it's only when our loved ones step out of the room that we're able to do the personal work we need to do, to let go at the end.

Thank you Zeena & Michelle, for sharing these powerful stories.

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