New discounts and online packages make Help Texts accessible for organizations of all sizes

At Help Texts we are deeply committed to making grief, caregiver, and mental health support accessible, equitable and affordable. That's why we've launched new Quick Start Packages for individuals, donors, and organizations in North America who can now access discounts and avoid set up costs when they buy online.

It's now even easier and more affordable for organizations of all sizes to purchase Help Texts subscriptions. Features include:

  • No minimum purchase
  • Discounts on packages of 50+
  • Buy instantly online
  • Avoid the 10% start up fee
  • Get a custom sign up code with your name/company name

This is a great feature for our generous gift givers too ... people who have made Help Texts their "go to sympathy gift" as well as donors looking for easy, impactful ways to support healthcare workers at a facility that cared for their loved one, for example.

We're glad small businesses such as funeral homes, therapists, grief organizations, cancer support groups, cremation services providers, end-of-life doulas and more can now take advantage of online discounts to provide expert support right away, to the grievers, caregivers and healthcare workers in their communities.

If you'd like to chat with us before you purchase, please drop us a line so we can set up a call.

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