Looking for grief support beyond the first year after a death? Try Help Texts for grief

People who've experienced the death of a significant person often tell us that support—whether from friends, family, organizations, or all of the above—drops off sharply after the first year.

Grievers tell us that many support resources:

  • only address the first year after a death
  • are focused on surviving, rather than on growth and integration
  • end before they're ready

At Help Texts, we believe grievers deserve grief support for a lifetime of loss, not just in the early days of "survival mode". That's why we've written a series of help texts specifically for what we call "long ago loss." These texts are designed for grievers (and their supporters) who are transitioning from taking grief day-by-day to looking ahead to a lifetime that honors their grief.

For example:

A text about other people experiencing death for the first time...

"Hi, Marek. You may feel a range of emotions as others around you start to experience their own losses. Perhaps now they understand how you were feeling when Stacia died or look to you for guidance. It's okay to have mixed feelings about going from being the only griever to being the first of many."

A text encouraging you to find a grief mentor...

"Hi, Beth. If you haven't already, consider asking someone you know to be your grief mentor. A grief mentor is generally someone older than you who has also experienced the death of a significant person. Connect with your mentor a few times a year to talk about your losses. It can help to have someone to talk to who understands the longevity of grief."

A text inviting you to weave your person into current events...

"Hi, Amin. One way you can continue to remember Ricardo is by imagining what he might think about today's popular culture. Perhaps you can imagine what TV show he would be watching or which book he would most like to read. You can even visit an art museum or a bookstore for inspiration."

These messages, like all of our texts, honor the significance of your loss, but also shift the focus from surviving the early days of grief to living with grief for a lifetime. From our own loss experience and the wisdom of our incredible team of experts, we know that grief goes well beyond the first year after a death. When you receive Help Texts, you get support that is helpful and actionable no matter how long it's been since your person died.


When you sign up for texts, be sure to enter in the date your person died. If the death was years ago, you'll receive texts like these automatically with your subscription.

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