Grief Coach (Help Texts) welcomes new affiliate, Amy Fabian-Crump, CEO and founder of Dragonfly Vibes

After losing her youngest sister unexpectedly in August 2020, Amy Fabian-Crump was devastated and brokenhearted. She felt the magnitude of loss and saw its effects on her nieces, nephews, and friends who loved her sister. What began as an idea to lift others' spirits through meaningful gifts evolved into Dragonfly Vibes, a company that goes beyond the one-time sympathy gift by offering interactive presents and build-your-own boxes designed to address the ongoing nature of grief.

Amy personally receives Grief Coach texts and knows the value of having simple, easy access to help after a loss. She says:

I am using Grief Coach to support my healing journey after losing my sister unexpectedly. Support is critical to our healing journey and it can take many forms. Grief Coach is not only personalized to my unique loss but also doesn’t require me as the grieving person to do anything once I’ve signed up. The more we can make getting support easy for those grieving the more likely people are to take advantage of it.

Fans and customers of Dragonfly Vibes can now receive a discount on Grief Coach subscriptions, giving them immediate access to personalized, year-long texts for grievers and tips and date reminders for their supporters too. You can use the Dragonfly Vibes discount to sign up for a Grief Coach subscription for yourself, or as a sympathy gift for someone you know who’s grieving the death of a loved one.

Want to join our fast-growing team of affiliates? Reach out to Affiliate Manager, Shelby Forsythia to learn more.

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