Five texts to send to a grieving friend on Father's Day

Many grievers have told us the significance of hearing from friends and family members on holidays, no matter how long it's been since their loss. And at Grief Coach, we love the ease and simplicity of a text message. Whether the person you're texting is grieving the death of their dad, or they're a father grieving the loss of a child, here are five of our favorite types of texts to send a grieving friend on Father's Day.

1. The "No Need to Respond" Text

It's common for grievers to put their phones down on Father's Day. Social media and apps can be minefields of dad-related reminders and pictures of smiling fathers and children. When in doubt, send your friend a message with no pressure to reply. Even if your friend never responds, know that your reaching out means something to them.

For example:
"Hi Marcus. No need to respond. Just thinking of you on Father's Day and holding you in my heart."

2. The Story Time Text

Many grieving people love hearing stories about their person who died. Share a memory of your friend's person to brighten their day. Bonus points if you attach a picture!

For example:
"Hey Alyssa. I saw a dog in a raincoat on my walk this morning, and I remember your dad always laughed at dogs in clothes. Sending you love today."

3. The "Say Their Name" Text

One lesser-known grief is the loss of hearing a loved one's name said aloud or seeing it written down. It's normal for your friend to miss reading their person's name. Use it in a text to let them know you remember them.

For example:
"Hi Owen. No need to respond. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and Henry today."

4. The Meaningful Gesture Text

If you have the time, doing something small like lighting a candle or wearing a piece of clothing in honor of the person your friend is grieving can help them feel acknowledged. Consider sending a photo or a video along with your text to give your grieving friend the sense that they're there beside you as you remember their father or child.

For example:
"Hey Juan. I'm wearing my big, floppy sun hat in honor of Camila. I remember how cute it looked on her little head at last year's family picnic. Remembering her smile today."

5. The Didn't-Know-Them Text

Even if you didn't know your friend's dad or child personally, you can acknowledge their impact on your friend's life in your message. While it may feel uncomfortable acknowledging the death of a person you never met, trust that your friend will appreciate you remembering.

For example:
"Hey Roger. I didn't get to meet your daughter in life, but I know she is a big part of you. Honoring her presence in your life today."

These are just a few ways to reach out to a friend who's grieving on Father's Day. To receive more tips on supporting a grieving friend, sign up for Grief Coach texts.

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