Would you like to invest in Help Texts?

On June 5th Help Texts launched a community raise with Wefunder, a crowdfunding platform that gives our community an opportunity to own part of our company with an investment of as little as $250.


When we launched Help Texts 5 years ago, there was already a growing need for grief support. Since then the pandemic has contributed to rising mortality rates, exhausted healthcare workers, and a mental health crisis. With cost, language, and staffing barriers also on the rise, there is an urgent need for equitable, accessible mental health and bereavement care.

Help Texts was the first company to deliver grief-informed text support and recently also became the first to publish data about it. Our 95% acceptability and 86% full year retention rates show that text is a promising way to reduce isolation and improve outcomes when life gets tough. Every day we hear from people about the difference our texts make in their lives. For example:

It has been helpful for me as no one in my family really wants to talk about my brother and it has stopped me feeling isolated and alone. Sometimes just a text message from you is all it takes to stop me feeling totally alone in my grief.

While many companies in our current position may choose to go to high net-worth investors or venture capitalists, we're excited about instead giving our community of clients, subscribers, friends and family members the opportunity to invest and share in our growth. For as little as $250, you cannow own a small piece of Help Texts and share in our growth and profits in the same way an angel investor or financial institution would. Of course, investing in startups is inherently risky and returns aren’t immediate. You would be investing because you believe in us and want to play a role in the future of mental health and bereavement care.

Individuals interested in an investment of $25K+ please contact us to arrange a meeting with Emma Payne, our CEO.

Thank you for believing in us!